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Vernham Labels is a self-adhesive label specialist. We produce all manner of labels for a wide range of uses and can advise on the best product to suit your requirements. We have a large portfolio and, to give you a better idea of the labels on offer, we’ve described the most popular options in more detail below.

Plain and Printed Labels

These are Vernham Labels’ most straight forward category of specialist labels. Choose a selection of six colours and we will print your design on a range of materials. You can select from different UV varnishes and finishes, as well as adhesive types. The finished product will be set up for hand or machine application, dependent on the brief.

Warehousing Labels

We have a lot of experience of working with businesses wrapping and packaging products for further despatch. Having the right labels on the right products is key to successful traceability – and is often a key criterion of Quality and Safety Management systems within factories and manufacturing organisations.  

Stock control can be carried out much more fluidly when products are correctly labelled too. Even in this modern age and whether picking and packaging is done by hand or by robot, the scanning of labels to identify what the product is, how many units remain, whether it has hit a Use By or Best Before Date and more is vital for keeping the manufacturing wagon moving.

Thermal Transfer and Direct Transfer Labels

Thermal and Direct Transfer Labels are highly durable and legible. The printing process for Thermal Transfer Labels allows for ink from a ribbon to be melted onto and absorbed into a label. We can adjust the level of durability depending on the type of ribbon used. Direct Transfer Labels don’t require a ribbon, because the select ink used in the process turns black upon exposure to heat. 

Sequential Numbers and Barcodes

We are regularly asked to supply Sequential Number and Barcode Labels to importers, pack houses, fulfilment or logistics companies and retailers. We deliver clear, sharp lettering for situations requiring consecutive numbering, batch numbers, dating, pricing and barcodes.

Specialist Labels

The COVID pandemic is a great example of where Vernham Labels was flexible and nimble in accommodating its customers’ needs, having to respond quickly to changing requirements. We have many different printers in our production facilities and specialise in solving your printing challenges. These include labels for tamper evidence, wine bottles, waterproofing, security labels and more.  

Short Run Digital Labels

For customers who do not want the expense of plate changes and cutters, or are working on a reduced budget, we offer Digital Labels as an alternative to other high quality photographic label printing methods. Our processes allow for short to medium sized runs, still produced in full colour. We have the capability to cut to any specific size and work directly from the artwork supplied by the client. 

Vernham Labels can Solve Your Printing Challenges

Based in Hampshire, Vernham Labels has over 30 years of experience as a self-adhesive label specialist. We believe our success is down to the innovation and fantastic quality of printed labels we produce. Speak to us today to find out how we can help.

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