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The Vernham Labels business has succeeded in growing into the self-adhesive labels specialist that it is today due to the dedication of our teams to provide only the best quality products to our customers. Quality management is inherent throughout all aspects of the business, and it guides decision-making, as well as the projects we work on.

Why We Care about Quality Management

Not only does producing exceptional quality products benefit our customers, but it also ensures we continue to uphold our own high standards Our commitment to our customers to manufacture the highest quality product challenges us as a business to be as efficient and effective as possible. By delivering the right solution first time we minimise waste, reduce landfill and have created a culture of innovation and flexibility. 

A level of acceptable risk is encouraged in the business, as we continually seek to find new and more intelligent ways of delivering the specialist label solutions the market demands. We are always interested in new challenges and trying to figure out ways to provide our clients with solutions for their print and label requirements.

Achieving BSI Accreditation for Quality Management 

The COVID pandemic has affected different businesses in different ways and at Vernham Labels it pushed us to revisit how we ran our operations. Our systems and processes have changed over the last 18 months, but with a continued focus on quality improvement. We were determined to be one of the few specialist label printers in Hampshire to achieve BSI accreditation for Quality Management Systems Standard, ISO 9001:2015, and that is something we can now proudly claim, having passed with flying colours. 

How we Deliver a Great Quality Output

We always aim to exceed our customer expectations and having robust operational procedures is the backbone of being able to provide quality assurance.  We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team, specifically focussed on the day-to-day aspects of producing great quality labels, consumables and packaging.

Our staff have regular on-the-job training and are qualified to BSI standards as part of their role. The yearly, external, unannounced BSI audits ensure our staff are ready for any eventuality at any time.

Vernham Labels Works only with Select Suppliers

As part of our passion for producing exceptional packaging, labels and consumables, we only work with an approved list of suppliers, strictly vetted before commencing work with Vernham Labels.  

Once materials are on site, they are carefully managed to ensure optimal performance over life. Storage is in environmentally controlled facilities, where we monitor temperature, moisture and other changes that might affect the quality of the substrates. This means we can rely on the materials used throughout our business being in optimal condition to produce the best quality finished products.

Our Customers Trust in Us

At Vernham Labels, we are very proud to have worked with several of our customers for many years, as it shows the trust they have in our business. As self-adhesive labels specialist and provider of consumables and packaging, we have the technology and skills to provide you with premium quality printed products. 

If you are interested in sourcing labels, consumables or packaging for your business, please get in touch. One of our friendly staff are on hand to discuss options with you today. 

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