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Vernham Labels is a self-adhesive label specialist and a premier supplier of professional labels in Hampshire. With a variety of labels to choose from, we have a large repertoire of products to satisfy pretty much all requirements.

But what happens if our customers come to us looking for something that is not off the shelf? Let us talk you through the process of how we create our tailored labels and packaging products below. 

Your Bespoke Label and Packaging Request 

Although we have an extensive product range, should you wish to create a personalised experience within your business, we can do that for you. Whether you want custom label printing, ranging from digital labels, warehousing labels, specialist labels, thermal transfer and direct labels and plain or printed labels, or wish to choose from a wide variety of our high-quality cartons and boxes tailored for your business, we can help you. 

At Vernham Labels we are experienced in offering a bespoke service for when customers require a specific type of label or packaging that is not available off the shelf. We will help advise you from your initial enquiry, and work together to ensure you receive exactly what you need.  

The Timescale for Your Order 

We design our products to be suitable for many different situations and needs, so with bespoke requests, we like to agree on a clear timescale for your custom order. As a specialist label supplier providing bespoke custom label printing or any other customised product of ours, an agreed timescale is key to deliver your finished products in the most efficient timeframe possible. 

To achieve your desired results, we find bespoke orders work best when you give us as much detail about the aim of your bespoke product as possible. This also ensures both parties have a clear understanding of expectations, needs and final results. From there, we take into consideration any additional time necessary and may offer any further suggestions to ensure your custom packaging materials or personalised labels are to your satisfaction. 

Designing Your Custom Product

We pride ourselves on our expert service as the self-adhesive label specialists to go to in Hampshire, with a team on hand to support you throughout the process. Right from your initial enquiry, we will be happy to discuss your bespoke brief in depth. Once the concept of approval has been agreed upon, we then move onto the production stage of creating your bespoke product. It’s at this stage that we take the entire scope of your project to our team of specialists, who turn your concept into a tangible product. After a final inspection to make sure your product is perfect, we offer all customers peace of mind knowing it will arrive by our next day delivery. 

We find this step-by-step support from our team of specialists a very beneficial process for our customers because you get to make full use of our expertise in the industry. It allows you to take your design to the next level. 

Industry Expertise and Advantage

To your advantage, Vernham Labels has over 30 years of experience and is able to confidently deliver an unbeatable experience in product label design and custom label printing. With our team of specialists ready to support you through the design process, you can be certain your business will benefit from using our bespoke services. 

The sign of any valued service can be found in the reviews, and we are happy to share we have had many satisfied customers over the years. We encourage you to read these reviews as they allow you to trust in our workmanship and ability to produce a quality experience and product for you. 

Vernham Labels, the Self-adhesive Label Specialists 

Do you have any projects you’re excited to bring to your business in 2022 and you’re in need of bespoke digital labels, packaging materials or specialist labels? If you do, and you’d like to make the most of our friendly expert team ready to speak with you, then you can contact us today  for more information about our bespoke products and services

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