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Colour management is a critical process in the printing of labels at Vernham Labels, your self-adhesive labels specialists in Andover. We deliver accurate, repeatable and stable colour across individual print campaigns, as well as through projects involving long term batch printings. This means you can be confident in reproducing your marketing and operational materials without deviating from brand compliance. 

Incoming Goods Checks for Specialist Labels

An important part of our Quality Management processes for our specialist labels at Vernham Labels includes careful analysis of the goods coming into our facilities. At this point we carry out robust colour checks, determining that inks and substrates all comply with agreed specifications.  

Printing Process Checks for Specialist Labels

To minimise waste and downtime during the printing of our specialist labels, we carry out start-up checks to verify that the final ink colour on the substrate matches the brief approved by the client. The machine operator has a set of Pantone standards to adhere to and elements to check before the production run can commence.

Our Quality Team also carry out middle of the run spot checks to verify that there has been no deviation from the agreed parameters.

Final Release Label Checks for Specialist Labels

As part of the release of labels to despatch, a final assessment is made against an approved benchmark. Part of this process includes verifying colour after the label inks have dried and varnished, where appropriate.

Label Printing Equipment Calibrations 

Label printers at Vernham Labels are calibrated according to an agreed schedule, taking advice from the manufacturers of the equipment. Having our printers work to optimal performance ensures we minimise waste, which is an important consideration from an environmental point of view. We keep a fluid production plan going and can retain flexibility within our supply chain. This in turn gives us the ability to fulfil our customers’ requirements quickly and reliably.

Custom Label Printing at Vernham Labels

Vernham Labels provides a leading label printing service in Andover, and we are proud to offer a service tailored to your business needs. We understand that our reputation relies on the great quality labels we offer and the experience that you have with us. Speak to us today to find out more about the specialist labels we can print for you and how we can deliver to your project brief.

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