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Vernham Labels is a self-adhesive labels specialist and is well known for supplying high quality labels for all business uses, but did you know that we also provide other business packaging and sundries? Vernham Labels has an extensive range of packaging materials, whatever your needs.

Brown cardboard boxes

Cartons and Boxes

Vernham Labels has a wide repertoire of cartons and boxes made from high quality corrugated cardboard to select from. Single board is suitable for most situations, but should you be packing heavier items, we would advise you go with our double board cartons, which are stronger. We can help advise on the best product to go with to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Sizes can be made bespoke to customer requirements, with a mixture of square and rectangular shapes. All are unprinted, brown board and we offer many different types of labels to apply to add traceability and product information, should it be needed.

Packaging Materials

If your product isn’t suitable for being stored or transported in a box, or needs additional support, choose from our other packaging solutions instead: 

  • Bubble wrap – we have clear bubble wrap, as well as coloured, available in reels of varying sizes.
  • Foil wrap – available in varying sizes.
  • Brown paper – we offer coated and uncoated paper, available in varying sizes. 
  • Clear plastic bags – we have a selection of sizes and shapes on offer. Choose from different closures (zip lock, tie, etc.) to suit your needs.

We can help you keep your products safe and secure.

Stretch Film and Tapes

As well as packaging solutions, we have stretch wrap and tape to finish off what you might need to pack your products. Available in a range of colours and sizes, we can also print specific text, such as ‘fragile’, onto the tape, if required.

Your Complete Packaging Supplier

Vernham Labels has a wide range of products on offer, giving you the confidence that we can provide what you need for your business use. Make Vernham Labels your carton and packaging supplier for the best quality solutions. Speak to our friendly staff today to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

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