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Vernham Labels is the premier self-adhesive label provider in Hampshire, supplying specialist labels and packaging supplies to companies for over 30 years. We believe our continued success is due to our dedication to providing great customer care and quality sticker printing products.

With this in mind, we believe it’s important to share our behind-the-scenes process from beginning to end of how we manage customer requests at Vernham Labels. 

The Initial Enquiry

From the very first point of contact, you will feel confident choosing Vernham Labels as your bespoke label provider. With a comprehensive range of specialist labels, packaging materials and custom label printing products and services, we are confident we have a solution for every need. 
The first step for every project is always the initial customer enquiry; this is where we will clarify your needs and the type of specialist labels or packaging products that would be suitable. 

Setting Expectations 

It’s important that from the earliest stages, we agree on the expectations of the customer and the timescale for us to deliver their chosen products. 
This allows us to deliver efficiency in every step of the process, whilst also giving realistic expectations about your bespoke label request on both sides. This ensures our products are always made from the initial design to satisfy our clients’ demands.

Delivering Your Specialist Product

Vernham Labels is proud to offer a fast turnaround with all our products, with our door-to-door delivery service. This provides our customers with peace of mind, knowing that their needs can be fulfilled promptly to resolve any urgent business demands. 
No matter what your business needs may be, Vernham Labels supports every single customer with a range of bespoke label products to ensure we are always your first point of call.  

Expert Service at Vernham Labels 

With over 30 years of experience, we have an extensive understanding of labelling products which allows us to deliver unbeatable customer service. We also know that to be able to deliver quality products, investing in the latest print technology is a must. 
At Vernham Labels you will be wowed by our competitive prices and first-class service, so if you’re interested in purchasing any of our specialist packaging materials or printed labels, contact our team of expert specialists who will be happy to guide you towards the perfect solution. 

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